When I started working at Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center, I had no chiropractic experience ever. I did have years of experience working in a medical doctor’s office. One of the very first things I found was that chiropractors don’t write prescriptions…. Wait….no prescriptions? What did they do to make the patient feel better?

My earliest memory of pain was when I was about four years old. I was sprawled out on my grandparents’ couch complaining about my head aching. I can remember my grandfather rubbing my head and giving me some liquid medication that just made me fall asleep. I slept away the pain but a few days later the same symptoms returned. I’d get sick to my stomach, lose the vision in my right eye, and generally have to knock myself out with medicine to sleep through the pain.

This went on for another 25 years. I missed special events, days of school, days from work when my doctor wrote me prescriptions for migraines that did nothing but knock me out and take days oaway from my life. I even missed my sixth grade spelling bee championship where I was competing against others in the state.

My first headache that occurred while working in Dr Fakhoury’s office prompted him to take me into a treatment room and check out my neck. He adjusted my neck in two swift movements and we were done. I won’t lie… I was nervously sweating like no one’s business. I also couldn’t wait to jump off the table when he was done.

I have now worked in the office for seven years. I am thrilled to say that in all that time, whenever a headache starts to come on, I get a mini massage and an adjustment right away. I’ve been successfully treating my debilitating headaches with chiropractic adjustments. No more medications! No more missing out on life!    miracle of chiropractic

I’m proud to say that during my time here, I’ve witnessed a lady my own age, in a wheelchair, getting tested for numerous diseases like MS, come to us three times for treatment and she was out of the chair. She could walk again. Is it a miracle? Nope. It’s chiropractic treatment. I’ve seen the doctors here adjust a child who was wetting the bed and give them control of their bladder back. I’ve seen people get hurt in car accidents and come here feeling hopeless, and we’ve helped them. I can’t say enough good things about treating yourself to chiropractic care. We have reasonable rates even for those who don’t have insurance because our office feels health is the most important asset one can have.