Pain and symptoms may not show up for months or years. Not seeking treatment at time of accident could cause consequences later.

  • Breath deep and Stay Calm
  • Stop your vehicle and make sure everyone moves to a safe nearby location
  • Check for injuries: seek medical evaluation
  • Do not leave scene of accident
  • Contact the Police and your Insurance Company
  • Exchange, gather and document accident information
  • Seek Proper Evaluation and treatment to reduce the chances of on-going pain

Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic Center Evaluation and Treatment:

  • Full Evaluation and xrays taken on site
  • Medical, chiropractic, rehab, massage, acupuncture all under ONE roof
  • Alleviate muscle tightness and spasms
  • Alleviate body pain and headaches
  • Customized treatment for each patient to feel better again!
  • Outside testing and referrals if indicated
  • Monday – Saturday, same day appointments
  • We bill your insurance for you

Don’t delay – Get treatment.
25 years experience in treatment of trauma and accident cases.

Our multi-specialty approach is geared with one thing in mind:
Get YOU out of PAIN.

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