When’s the last time you suffered with pain or stiffness from:

  • Simple housework
  • Waking up in the morning
  • Taking a long drive
  • Working around the yard
  • Playing with children or grandchildren
  • Exercising or playing sports
  • Reading a book

Simple tasks such as lifting heavy boxes or rearranging furniture may be the cause of an aching neck or lower back pain. Did you know simple activities such as bending over to pick up a newspaper or twisting around to fix the bed sheet may aggravate lower back conditions? Common everyday activities that we perform can generate pain for most of us.

These routine activities can cause micro traumas to the spine and, over a long period of time, cause significant changes to the spinal structure and in some cases, major pain!

Our treatment can help in eliminating the cause of these aches and pains, and most importantly help in preventing future problems. Especially when your pain becomes LIMITING and ANNOYING!

At the Fakhoury Medical & Chiropractic Center with our multi-disciplinary approach utilizing physical medicine, chiropractic, rehab, massage, acupuncture and interventional medicine, we are able to take care of these problems efficiently and cost effectively, getting excellent results within a short period of time. We use a team approach for your care, and relieve our patients of pain with the least amount of time off from work or away from their daily activities.

Don’t delay – Get treatment.

25 years experience in treatment of trauma and accident cases.

Our multi-specialty approach is geared with one thing in mind:
Get YOU out of PAIN.

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